Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Someone told me my navel is un-piercable. Is this true?

    A: 99% of navels ARE piercable. The people who tell you this may not be fully trained. They most likely are afraid or unsure of themselves to perform such a piercing.

  • Q: Someone also told me that my tongue is un-piercable. Is this true as well?

    A: Most people that have a really short tongue may prove for a difficult pierce. Warrior piercers are trained to perform under these types of adverse conditions. If a piercer isn't trained to do a short-tongued pierce, he or she may not have had the experience enough to do it with confidence.

  • Q: Can I lose my tastebuds from a tongue pierce?

    A: No, your taste buds have no relation to a tongue pierce. You may notice a dulling of taste during the initial week of a tongue pierce due to the mouthwash rinsing regimen. Dilute your mouthwash before using.

  • Q: Can my face get paralyzed from an eyebrow / tragus / midbrow / facial pierce?

    A: Absolutely not. There are no major nerves that control motor function in any area that we pierce.

  • Q: Someone told me that all eyebrow pierces will eventually grow out (reject)

    A: If an eyebrow pierce is done improperly, it is possible for it to grow out. If it is pierced too shallow, improper type of jewelry used (i.e. straight barbells), or not taken care of right an eyebrow pierce may reject. Otherwise, NO no piercing is "destined" to reject.

  • Q: I was told that my piercing will take 6 to 8 months, even a YEAR to heal. Is this true?

    A: This is true if the piercing is being cleansed with improper products. No piercing should take longer than 2 months to heal. Harsh chemicals, deodorants, moisturizers and other ingredients in some products can prolong the healing time of a pierce. Please see the Products section of the care page for more on this topic.

  • Q: Another piercer told me that Hydrogen Peroxide should never be used on a pierce. What should I do?

    A: Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% solution is an excellent agent to remove exudate (crusties) and debris from a healing pierce. It does have a slight alkaline content that can eat away some skin cells, but as long as it is rinsed off completely after each use it is fine to use. In addition, you should check out our compiled report on the use of hydrogen peroxide by surgeons and orthopedic specialists. Click HERE to see this report.