• Warrior offers a large selection of high quality affordable body jewelry.

  • About Our Surgical Steel

    A lot of people worry about allergic reactions to certain metals used in body piercing. First of all, allergies are caused by proteins that create a histamine reaction when the proteins are entered in the body. Seeing as how stainless steels are devoid of biological compounds, it is impossible to be allergic to it. A very small percentage of people may be hypersensitive to certain metals. Classic hypersensitive reaction is indicated ONLY by a rash that spreads around the pierce about the size of a silver dollar. This reaction will occur within the first 24 hours of a pierce. This is the ONLY indication of hypersensitivity to surgical steel.

    The 316LVM Stainless steel we use is considered to be the most hypoallergenic steel offered on the market in the piercing industry. Some people will claim that nickel is the cause of "allergic" reaction. The amount of nickel in our stainless steel is less than 18%. Regardless, the small percentage of nickel won't even have contact with your body. The shine on stainless steel is composed of chromium oxides, which protect the skin from the underlying metal and its alloying elements. If the surface of the steel gets scratched or abraded, a new layer of chromium oxide willl instantly form. This is why stainless steel is difficult to weld, but also makes for a VERY good metal for biocompatibility.
  • Why is "Hand Polishing" So Important?

    About 80% of body jewelry on the market is polished by "tumbling" or use of vibratory polishers. Warrior only uses 3 time hand polished body jewelry for piercing. Why? It may cost more, but hand polishing leaves a non porous mirror finish. Tumbled jewelry is not mirrior finished, and may have a multitude of microscopic nicks and scratches. These minute defects are perfect places for bacteria to hide and grow. To our knowledge, Warrior is the only piercing salon in the Philadelphia area that carries hand polished mirror finish body jewelry.

    These are our standard implant-grade surgical stainless steel captive bead rings and barbells. These types of jewelry are recommended for most initial piercings.