In Pennsylvania, the legal age of consent is 18 years. Recent Philadelphia piercing and tattoo regulations limit the minimum age to 16 years with parental consent. We have a very strict policy on refusal to pierce minors. Basically, it is not worth it for any of our piercers to lose their jobs to pierce an under aged child. We will card all clientele, and our staff are well trained to spot fake IDs.
The following forms of identification are acceptable:
  • State Drivers or Photo non-drivers License
  • US Passport
  • Military ID
  • Government Employee ID
  • Birth Certificate with a matching Photo ID
  • Gift Exchangable

    When purchasing a gift at Warrior, we will put the jewelry in a tamper evident package and place it in a decorative gift box for you (all at no extra charge). We will note on your receipt that the gift is returnable for a store credit or exchangable for another item of equal value within 10 days of original purchase if package is unopened. If unsatisfied, simply return to any Warrior location and we will help you find what you need.

  • Repairs

    Warrior is the only shop in the Philadelphia area that does expert jewelry repair. Warrior is also the only shop that will even take damaged jewelry. If your jewelry was purchased at Warrior, with a receipt within 15 days of original purchase and is defective, we will repair it for you for free! This includes lost gemstones, loose beads, stripped threads, shorten and re-threading, etc. If your jewelry was purchased elsewhere or has been purchased at Warrior beyond 15 days, the average repair charge is usually only $5 to $25. Since our repairs are done from our office, they are finished within a day or so. If you come to our main office while the repair tech is in, your piece can be done within 5 minutes!

  • Re-piercing Policy

    If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your actual body piercing for whatever reason, we at Warrior will provide a re-pierce for you at no extra cost. You may receive a free re-pierce within three (3) weeks of the original pierce date. You must have your original receipt so that Warrior can re-sterilize your jewelry for you. The sterilization will take about 15 to 30 minutes, so plan ahead before coming in.

Here at Warrior, we ensure that all items used in any body piercing process have been sterilized. We have a three-fold system at each location that keeps everything in a constant state of checks and balances.
Cidex Activated Dialdehyde Solution revolutionized the science of high level disinfection with its efficacy and ease of use. Cidex solution provides high level disinfection in 20 to 45 minutes, and 10 hour sterilization. It is non corrosive to instruments and have excellent compatibility with a wide range of materials. We at Warrior utilize the Cidex+ 28 day solution at each of our locations. We also take it a step further by changing the solutions every 24 days to ensure peak performance. Cidex is our primary introductory of tools and instruments into our sterilization process. Immediately after use, each tool is immersed in the solution and left for the duration of the day. Due to our long hours of operation (10 hours average each location), the 20 to 45 minute high level disinfectation time is very well complete. At the end of each day, the instruments are then taken to the next step, the ultrasonic cleansing.
Ultrasonic cleaning is an intermediate process done prior to final sterilization. We have an ultrasonic cleaner for each one of our locations. Ultrasonic cleaning occurs when ultra-high frequency sound waves are passed through a harsh anti-septic cleaning solution, causing "cavitation". Cavitiation is the implosion of microscopic bubbles collapsing into themselves. This creates a high energy vacuum effect which safely pulls debris, contaminants, and particles from the surfaces being cleaned. With ultrasonic cleaning, both the exterior and interior surfaces, including crevices, are thoroughly cleaned. The cleansing action occurs wherever the solution reaches, leaving virtually no possibility for hidden contaminants to remain. We run ALL instruments through the ultrasonic process before autoclaving them daily.
There is only one proper way to sterilize equipment, and that is by an autoclave. An autoclave is a device primarily used in the medical field for sterilizing medical instruments. We at Warrior have a fully operating autoclave at each one of our locations. Our autoclaves run at 273° F (135°C), at 15 to 20 psi (pounds per square inch) for about 30 to 45 minutes. The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure and the shorter the sterilization cycle. Steam sterilization is a time proven process of killing microorganisms through the application of moist heat (saturated steam) under pressure. Heat damages the cell's essential structures including the cytoplasmic membrane rendering the cell no longer viable. We package all instruments, jewelry, and needles prior to sterilizing them in the autoclave. We run our autoclaves daily. Autoclaves can sometimes malfunction, causing organisms to be insufficiently destroyed. The only way to prove that an autoclave is working properly is to have it spore tested. Spore testing can only be done by an independent lab analysis. Here at Warrior, we spore test all our autoclaves monthly. We keep records of all test results at our main office in Northeast Philadelphia. Warrior was the only body piercing salon in the Philadelphia are the even did these tests before it became mandatory by law. We recommend that you ask any office (including dentist and doctor) for proof of spore testing.
Each needle we use is brand new, sterilized, and disposable. We dispose every needle in an approved sharps container at every one of our locations. Each container is clearly marked biohazard, and is puncture proof. We have our containers properly disposed of by BioHaz Solutions according to federal regulations.
Here at Warrior, we have a vigorous training regimen that surpasses most standards. Usually lasting anywhere from 3 to 4 months, we apprentice our piercers from square one. We make it a policy to train "unlearned" apprentices, as we will not hire anyone with previous piercing experience. It is a three stage process that hones the abilities of an apprentice into a master body piercer. Every day during the apprenticeship the trainee watches, listens, and learns from one our Senior Piercers, each with years of experience. The Beginning Stage involves teaching the basics of body jewelry, sizes, gauges, prices, sterilization, etc. The Intermediate Stage (usually the longest) deals with over 30 different aspects of placement, depth, use of tools, client relations, etc. The Advanced Stage is where the apprentice gets hands on type work such as client preparation, marking and positioning, jewelry preparation and so on. These steps ensure that every one of our piercers are equally trained to handle any piercing need.
All six of our bodypiercers are fully certified and licensed in the City of Philadelphia as registered professional Body Artists. Current regulations require that ALL tattoo and body piercers operating within the city of Philadelphia to be certified.