The Best of The Best Piercers


          JT lives in Bucks County with his family and enjoys playing the drums and collecting watches. He hand makes beautiful wood plugs in his spare time. He has two dogs and a cat, and is a good friend to have. 

         JT has been piercing since 2006 and is also the manager of Warrior's New Hope and South Street locations. In addition he is the jewelry buyer at Warrior, and has traveled from New York to Las Vegas getting the best for Warrior. 

         JT has an extensive following that keeps growing. His funniest moment at Warrior was one Halloween when dressed as Michael Jackson he has to perform a last minute 6 gauge guiche pierce.  Always the professional, he made sure everyone enjoyed it. He looks forward to new piercing projects, and discovering new and amazing body jewelry.


          Stacy grew up in Bucks County as has been living in Philadelphia for the past four years.  Stacy lives with her two adorable kittens and is very involved in theatrical make-up and mixed media painting.

         She greatly enjoys peace and quiet but music and concerts are a large part of her life. Stacy was hired at Warrior in 2007 when she walked into our charity Pierce A Thon, was immediately snagged and forced into working at Warrior.  She has been piercing since 2010. Constantly checking inventory, and taking care of display maintenance and merchandising for her manager are some of her responsibilities.

         Stacy enjoys a long and loyal following, especially with the LGBT community who feel comfortable as well as impressed with her skill.  She enjoys piercing projects using the esthetics of the human body instead of pictures.

         Her best moments at Warrior are simply joking around and enjoying the Warrior "family".  She states that at times in her life she felt looked upon negatively but has been embraced and respected at Warrior.  She looks forward to reaching her ten years at Warrior and many more years of piercing.

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         Bryan is originally from South Jersey, having moved to Philadelphia recently. Before becoming part of the Warrior Crew he was an EMT and volunteer at the emergency room at Cooper Hospital. On his spare time however, he loves DIY Shows as well as writing music and in his spare time plays video games.

         Bryan pierces at all of the Warrior locations and has a diverse clientele.  His goal is to make everyone comfortable in his chair. His favorite thing about piercing is being part of allowing his clients to express themselves through body modification.  He is looking forward to a challenging piercing project ahead.

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         Sev lives in Philadelphia with her beautiful cat Siren. Siren is a street cat that bolted into the front door and decided never to leave.

         Sev enjoys glass blowing, Harry Potter, and singing along to Rock. She was born and raised in Baltimore, coming to Philadelphia In 2011. A glass blowing major at Tyler School of Art, Sev uses her creative abilities to focus on excellent piercing projects. She is also known to indulge in Ben and Jerry’s chocolate peanut butter fudge cake ice cream whenever no one is looking.

         Sev says her favorite part of her job is the excitement she feels when she hands her clients the mirror for them to see their new pierced image. She looks forward to meeting new people and expanding her piercing knowledge.

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          Sacoon grew up on her family’s farm in Pennsylvania surrounded by her animals and woodlands. Since 2015 she has lived in numerous areas in Philadelphia with her dog Pants, and her cat Kimya. After leaving the University of Arts, where she studied Dance, Sacoon moved to Italy and taught children how to speak English.

          Sacoon then stumbled on to Warrior, where she worked her way up to becoming a piercer in her career and absolutely loves it. Helping people find the perfect placement for their new piercing with their anatomy, to suit their personality, is her favorite part of the process. She feels exhilarated learning everyday, dealing with new challenges and working with awesome clients.

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