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Head Straight to Piercing

I'm sure you came here to check out the piercing and jewelry prices so just click the link below if you don't care about our little history.

Look! The Founder

Carl Werbock


          Carl lives in Bucks County with his wife. He's a dad and a grandfather too. His greatest passions are food, snorkeling and driving fast cars. Carl, along with his wife, opened Warrior in 1982 as a punk rock new wave boutique. In the 90's, the rock bands that were Warrior's customers began requesting nipple piercing. 

          After research, trial and error and experience, this almost unknown procedure was practiced and polished. Carl developed aftercare therapy by studying aftercare for pin therapy at Drexel University where he took medical courses for three years. 

          Today Carl trains all new apprentices, monitors and motivates new piercers, and still pierces a few times a week while managing the business at all four Warrior locations. Carl describes his best moments at Warrior as each time he opens a new location and steers it to success. He looks forward to maintaining Warrior's brand as the place where everyone feels comfortable and walks out with a healthy pierce.